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Growing and Protecting Your Investments

Whether you have an existing portfolio or you’re an aspiring investor, your aim will be to earn as much as possible on any savings and investments. Even more importantly, you will want to minimise your tax liabilities and reduce your level of risk.

As you’ve invested a great deal of money, time and effort in building your wealth, we will ensure that your money is secure and able to provide for you and your family’s future. We can also build a specific investment portfolio for you based on your goals; helping you to make the most of any surplus income and spare capital.

At TSP Wealth, we take an active approach when it comes to managing your investments. Our aim is to deliver high returns with a low level of risk.

  • We are proud to be different to other investment managers because we offer full transparency at all times – you will always be aware of how and where your money is being invested and why.
  • We will discuss your investment goals and your chosen level of risk, before recommending a robost investment strategy.
  • When investing with us, we will aim to maximise tax efficiency.
  • We will look at your existing investment portfolio to see where we can diversify and improve on any fund options. If you would like us to make all the important decisions on your behalf, we have an exclusive Discretionary Fund Management service.
  • We have access to global investment opportunities. Every investment we recommend, is fully assessed to meet the criteria set out by our TSP Advanced Investment Strategy.

Our longstanding, trusted client relationships are testament to the fact that our approach to investing works. Our honest and transparent approach will give you peace of mind and the confidence in our ability to grow and protect your investment portfolio.

The value of your investments can fluctuate, and it is important to note that although your investments can increase, there is a possibility that it can also decrease resulting in the invested fund value to differ.