Employee Benefits

Business Protection

Protecting your business and people

Business protection is an often-overlooked area of insurance. However, arranging effective cover will protect your business from potential risks and threats, as well as your most important assets – your people. If you or a key person fell critically ill and could no longer work, what would be the impact on your day-to-day operations and sales? If you or an important shareholder were to suddenly pass away, how would this affect the future of your business? Should the worst happen, business protection offers a safety net in terms of financial security, business stability and continuity to minimise any disruption to your operations. Certain insurance policies have attractive tax benefits and can also be provided as part of an employee benefits package.

At TSP Wealth, we work closely with you and your business to identify and protect against potential risks or threats. We will continually review and amend any policies to ensure that your business always has the right level of protection and remains in your control should the worst happen.

  • Our experienced advisers will look at how your business operates and your future objectives to determine a suitable level of cover. We’re not tied to any insurance provider, which means you will always receive completely independent advice.
  • We have access to a vast range of policies including Partnership Protection, Shareholder Protection and Key Person insurance. Depending on the terms and conditions, there may be the opportunity to buy lost shares or receive a cash lump sum, if you ever need to claim against your policy.
  • We will always give you full clarity when it comes to any form of business insurance, so you can choose the right level of cover for your business and we will also advise on any tax relief relating to premiums.

Group Private Medical Insurance

Key Benefits & Features:

·       Reduces days lost to sickness and absenteeism

·       Employees can swiftly access treatment throughout the UK

·       Creates staff loyalty

·       Gives everyone peace of mind


PMI covers your employees for the vast majority of medical expenses, for short term or acute illnesses and any injuries. Cover for cancer can be included and we are happy to discuss the options surrounding that. Levels of cost do vary but we can talk you through the process and find a package that best suits your budget. Group PMI provides peace of mind that specialist care and procedures are available when required.

Group Income Protection (GIP)

Key Benefits & Features:

·       Covers the cost of long-term employee absence

·       Extensive range of products and benefits available

·       Can provide and income for employees

·       Financial peace of mind in the event of an employee being incapacitated


The benefit of GIP is to provide a percentage of salary – after a certain period, should an employee be unable to work on a temporary or permanent basis. The company benefits from knowing the cost of long-term employee absence is covered and the employees benefit from having financial security.  Group Income Protection is a specialist area with a large number of products offering a range of options. We are happy to guide you through the complicated process and find a plan that is suitable for your organisation.

Group Life Assurance

Key Benefits & Features:

·       A low cost method of providing a much valued benefit to employees

·       Eliminates a moral dilemma should an employee pass away whilst in service

·       Gives both employer & employee peace of mind


Premiums paid for the type of insurance are not regarded as a benefit in kind. There are a number of different levels of cover and service requirements to consider when implementing a plan, you may wish different levels of staff to have different benefits. We would be happy to go through these in detail with you to find a plan that suits your business.

Group Critical Illness

Key Benefits & Features

  • Cost effective method of providing a valued benefit
  • Spouse’s cover can be included
  • Eliminates moral issue should an employee become critically ill or disabled whilst in employment


The lump sum benefit is usually a multiple of salary. We are happy to provide more information on the illnesses covered and answer any questions you need on the cover available.

Group Dental Insurance

Key Benefits & Features

  • Preventative care such as bi-annual check-ups and hygienist treatments
  • Restorative work, such as fillings and crowns
  • Surgical removal of teeth or complicated root extractions
  • Treatments following accident


Some treatments are excluded from Dental Plans, such as cosmetic treatment or teeth whitening. This is in order to keep the plans affordable.  There are a number of options we can give for all companies, we would be happy to make a recommendation to you that suits your needs.

Cash Plans

Key Benefits & Features

  • Helps with staff recruitment
  • Covers duty of care for screen users that require regular eye tests
  • Affordable
  • Can form part of a company’s Health & Safety


Cash plans are in place to help with everyday health costs and offer cash payments for a number of needs, including; physiotherapy, dental and optical fees for glasses and contact lenses. Cash plans can al be used to pay the excess on your Private Medical Insurance policy. There are a number of different levels to consider and we would be happy to provide further advice on these.

Individual Private Medical Insurance

Key Benefits & Features

·         Treatment and medical care in local facilities

·         Pease of mind wherever your employees are in the world

·         Fast access to care or even repatriation


International PMI covers your employees for a majority of medical expenses for short-term illnesses and any injuries. Cover is much more comprehensive, some policies could include chronic conditions. The levels of cost will be dependant on a number of factors so we are happy to discuss the process with you to find the right cover for you.

Auto Enrolment

Key Benefits & Features

·         Extensive review and health check of your current pension scheme, this will help you find the ideal pension scheme for your company.

·         We will help you create a business forecast showing how it could affect your business’s income and expenditure.

·         When establishing a workplace pension scheme, or maintaining – you have a set of legal obligations you must follow. Failure to comply with these can result in daily financial penalties on your business. We will help you overcome the ongoing challenges of running a Workplace Pension scheme while helping you understand what you must can and what you can do.

·         We are able to offer a complete setup and ongoing maintenance package for your Workplace Pension scheme, which will leave you to focus on the growth of your own business.